But you should always wear gloves

From The Owner

Me and my team of hydro-professionals are ready and waiting not only with loading your order, but also with the many questions that you will have while you are working toward your harvests.
The demand for hydroponic growing equipment and supply is huge and HCH knows the ins and the outs of it all. Navigating within the Hydroponic Industry is tough- there are new manufacturers for growing equipment and new nutrient solution suppliers starting up all of the time. Some of the companies are legit; some have been started by real professionals who know the science behind flowering plants, and some... well, some are companies owned or operated by very disinterested groups or individual that have no real hands-on experience, or real passion behind their business.

Being in this for as long as we have allows us to see and know this industry very well. We know the companies that have the experience and the know how to deliver the product that our customers need. There is no reason to do business with anyone other than the real top-shelf hydro companies. 

Hydroponic equipment manufacturing and supply companies, nutrient and grow light supply companies and other companies that support these companies come and go all of the time. Knowing who has been around the longest helps a lot. That actually is a key ingredient to success for our business and your grow. Take the supply chain of nutrients in the hydroponic business; this shouldn't be interrupted for example, and if a customer has been using a certain nutrient solution or another indoor grow product, and they can't get it, well... it's bad. We always want to do business with those who can fill our order - We order hundreds of thousands of dollars of product from these companies; we have to get it right. Many are counting on us to help them. We tell people not to "let their plants down", so we have to make sure we can tell them and show them how to grow indoor plants properly.

Growing the perfect flower and vegetable is a science but knowing just a little will get you started. Most people that take up this hobby continue to study the science end of things and advance, but if you don't want to do that, that's OK; we will do all the reading for you and tell you what they said. We won't let you let your plants down. Not to sound cliche' but really... Your success really is ours.  
Our customer-base has grown a lot faster than we could ever believe and our success has a lot to do with the products that we sell and recommend. We use or have used almost everything that we sell, so when we recommend it, it means that we count on it; that means that you can count on it.

Another good thing about coming to HCH verses buying online from another distributor like us, is that you actually get to take the product home with you when you pay for it. Yes, it's that simple. No waiting for the products we stock- you get 'em right then... at that moment. If we do have to order something for you that we do not stock, then, as soon as it arrives, we will call you and it can be picked up as soon as you want.

We do still special order quite a bit of grow equipment for our customers, but now that our warehouse is large enough to order more, we generally have most everything in stock. Of course you can always get the nutrients and supplies here all of the time.
Customer Service is our # 1 Goal!  


Note from Interviewer-
When GeYser interviewed Mr. Bryk, we asked him what the most exciting part of the business was for him and we got an answer that really gave us an idea of who he is. He didn't say that it was the huge amount of business he was doing and the rewards of having a successful business, He didn't say that it was being the head cheese either; he said this...

"The most exciting thing to me is the look on the faces of our customers when they come in months after getting our help with things and it's the smiles on their faces when they tell us of about their experience- how much they are enjoying the fruits of their labors. That is what really makes all this worth it".

We thought that was pretty cool.


GeYser: What about growing flowers for competition... do you enter major growing competitions?

Ryan: Many professionals garden for competition and they are after "braggin' rights". Cup competitions of worldwide prominence are great to enter. That's  something that I used to consider, but not anymore. But back to bragging rights, if i can; we don't brag around here. We just enjoy our indoor gardens, our friends, families and lots of smiles.

Flower production at those competitive levels, by the way, are ruled by those who work on genetic levels- those guys are very, very serious botanists and advanced  horticulturalists. That's what it takes to win those Cup competitions.

Things have reached such a sophisticated level when it comes to flower cultivation that it really takes more than most want to invest in time, energy and money. to both enter them and especially to win the major grow competitions. So, Yes we like them, but No, I am not going to enter them; even the ones here in the states.

Maybe those who compete on the this level should watch out though. They might be hearing from a few of the good ole boys from Michigan before too long. I know many here that have caught the flower fever. We're no slouches in anything we do, so...
maybe some of those who I teach may take up the torch and take a shot at it; I think that would be great to see. And why not?